October 31, 2019

Winter is here and the cold air is beginning to settle in around the state of Maryland. This time of year it is important to make sure you take a little extra care of your plumbing. Frozen pipes are never fun and can cause major damage throughout your home.

Below, we’ve outlined six plumbing tips to protect your home’s plumbing system in cold weather.

Six Winter Plumbing Tips for Maryland Homeowners

These six tips can help your plumbing survive the long winter months.

1. Disconnect Outside Plumbing Attachments

If you have outdoor hoses now is the time to disconnect them. It is also a good idea to cover your faucets with an insulated plumbing sleeve.

2. Use Insulation

If you have pipes either under your kitchen and bathroom sinks or in the garage that are susceptible to freezing, purchase some special pipe insulation from your local home improvement store.

3. Leave Doors Open

Leaving your cabinet doors open in the kitchen and bathroom can allow the warm air in your home to circulate in and around these colder areas, reducing the chance of frozen pipes.

4. Find the Main Water Valve

If you do experience frozen pipes you will need to shut your water off, it is a good idea to know where your main water valve is before trouble strikes. Let any grown up in the house know where they are too in case you’re not home.

5. Leave Faucets Dripping

On particularly cold nights you may want to leave your faucets dripping slowly. Leave the cold water dripping slowly to help prevent freezing in your pipes.

6. Have an Annual Inspection Completed

It is a good idea before winter hits to have a certified plumber come out to your home and complete an annual inspection. This will help to make sure that there are no build-ups in your pipes and will make sure your plumbing is in peak condition over the winter months.

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