October 31, 2019

When winter’s winds and freezing temperatures cause a chill in your house, like most homeowners, you go straight to your thermostat and bump up the heat. Your heating system forces warm air throughout each room at regular intervals and seems to be working just fine. You and your family are comfortable and able to ride out the cold weather inside your warm and toasty home.

But, maybe, one day, or night, the air in your house has taken on a bit more chill. Your furnace is working just as hard, but perhaps, not getting the job done. Keeping your home warm can be a demanding task during exceptionally cold weather. You need to know you can depend on your heating system to get the job done. If your system isn’t working up to your expectations, there may be a few reasons why.

Reasons Your Heating System May Not Keep Your Home Warm

Thermostat problems are the most common reason your home heater doesn’t provide enough warmth. When the temperatures outside are hovering around freezing, your system can be put to the test. If you find yourself continually bumping up your thermostat, and the furnace doesn’t heat, or simply doesn’t engage, you may be looking at a faulty thermostat.

An older mechanical thermostat may need to be recalibrated or leveled. Some thermostats, especially those installed by a handy homeowner, may have wiring issues. With any thermostat repair, it’s best to call in a professional. Wiring and heating systems can be tricky and an incorrect fix could put you and your family at risk. Check with a heating and cooling company to ensure the job is done correctly.

If your system employs the use of coilers to provide heat, such as with boilers and steam heating systems, and you only feel the heat about half the time the furnace comes on, or you get no heat at all, you’re likely looking at a bad coiler. It’s not unusual for coilers to wear out over time and need to be replaced.

Don’t attempt this as a DIY project, however. Unless you know something about repairing your specific heating coilers, you should bring in a professional. Boiler systems aren’t complicated, but, one small mistake could end up costing you thousands of dollars.

Blocked ducts are another issue that can impair your heating system’s production. Over the years, your heating ducts can become clogged with dirt and debris from your system and prevent the free flow of warm air throughout your home. Regular yearly maintenance can prevent clogged ducts, but if you haven’t maintained your system professionally, it’s easy for the ducts to become blocked.

If you turn on your heat and notice a lack of airflow from one or a few ducts, perform a visual check to ensure nothing obvious has been blocking your duct. Once you know the blockage isn’t right at the vent, contact a heating technician to come and unclog your ducts. This is a simple procedure, and one which, when done professionally, improves your system’s efficiency.

Many homeowners put off calling a professional when their heating system falters, simply because they don’t want to find out their system needs to be replaced. Though rare, sometimes your system simply can’t handle the job and you need to think about a more efficient replacement.

Professional Heat Repair in Baltimore, MD

Problems with your heating system’s output shouldn’t make you cringe-or shiver. Contact Air, Plumbing & Heating Solutions for an inspection and complete heating system repair when you notice your system isn’t heating as it should. Fast, efficient and professional technicians will arrive ready to repair, or replace, your system, keeping you and your family warm and toasty for another chilly Baltimore winter.

Our heating system repair services include:

  • Furnace Repair
  • Heat Pump Repair
  • Boiler Repair
  • Gas Furnace Repair
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