November 3, 2019

Air conditioners are built robustly, but they can still experience mechanical trouble sometimes. If your air conditioner is leaking water, you’ll notice because water will pool around the base.

First, understand that one important job of an air conditioner is to remove excess moisture from indoor air. The resulting condensation drains away without incident under normal operation, so a puddle around the unit is a sign that something’s wrong. Here are five possible reasons why your air conditioner leaks water.

Reasons Your Air Conditioner Leaks Water

The condensate drain is blocked: Dirt, algae and other debris can block the condensate drain where excess moisture from inside your home is supposed to drain away. If this happens, water can pour over the sides of the drain pan and pool around the unit.

Try sticking a straightened coat hanger into the condensate drain to clear the blockage. If it continues to be a problem, hire a professional to apply an algaecide treatment that stops future microbial growth.

  • The unit was installed incorrectly: You should never attempt to install an A/C unit yourself. A poor job could cause the unit to leak water if it’s not properly leveled or is overcharged during installation. Hire a professional to level out the unit or fix its charge to reduce pressure on the system’s valves and stop the leaking.
  • The condenser pump is broken: To find out if this is the problem, first make sure the condenser pump is receiving power. If so, test the pump by pouring water into the condenser pan. If the water lingers without being pumped away, you have pinpointed the problem. The condenser needs a professional to repair or replace it.
  • There’s an air leak: Under normal operation, air conditioners are sealed to prevent warm air from entering the system. When this happens, water vapor in the warm air condenses as it comes in contact with cool air cycling through the unit. This extra moisture could cause the leak you see, which a professional can fix.
  • It’s cold outside: If you run the A/C when outdoor temperatures drop, excess water can build up around the unit because it’s not hot enough to evaporate. Stop the problem and save money by opening windows instead of running the air conditioner as it cools off outside.

If you need help fixing your leaky air conditioner, please schedule an appointment with Air, Plumbing & Heating Solutions today.

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