January 20, 2020

Since its blades liquefy solid food with little effort, the garbage disposal in your home might seem as though it can stand up to just about anything. Don’t believe it. You must be mindful of what you put down your garbage disposal. There are a variety of items that can cause clogs and severe damage.

If you run into a problem with your garbage disposal or you’re simply due for a newer model, the staff at Air, Plumbing & Heating Solutions in Randallstown, MD, specializes in installation, repair and replacement of this equipment. However, if you’re looking to keep your garbage disposal effective and extend its life, you’ll want to avoid dumping certain things down into it.

Bones, Fruit Pits and Other Hard Items

While the blades of your garbage disposal are quite powerful, they’re no match for something as hard as bones or large fruit pits. These hard items can dull or bend the blades. Otherwise, they’ll just spin around along with the blades. Your disposal will not break them down, and they’ll begin to cause a blockage.

Fat and Grease

The excess fat and grease that comes off meat is bad news for your garbage disposal, drain and pipes. For starters, these substances can coat your garbage disposal’s blades in a greasy film, making them less effective.

As the fat and grease harden over time, they can slow up your drain and pipes or even clog them completely. Additionally, this concoction can start to smell, creating a foul odor throughout your kitchen.

Stringy Vegetables

Vegetables like celery and spinach are especially stringy and can wrap around your garbage disposal’s blades or other components. The same thing happens with items like fruit peels and even eggs, which have an internal membrane. Any stringy objects can slowly create big problems for your garbage disposal.

Nonfood Items

It might be called a “garbage” disposal, but that doesn’t mean you can put just anything down it. Only let certain food matter enter the unit. This means paying attention to make sure spoons, forks and other items don’t accidentally fall into the disposal. You certainly don’t want to put trash such as wrappers or plastic in there.

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