November 2, 2019

If you are looking to find an energy-efficient heating source for your home, you may want to look into geothermal heating. Geothermal is one of the most efficient ways you can keep your home comfortable. So what is geothermal heating, you ask?

About Geothermal Heating

Geothermal is a great choice when it comes to keeping your home comfortable, it is great for the environment as it emits no greenhouse gasses and it works alongside nature rather than against it.

Geothermal heating systems work by transferring the temperate air from under the ground into your home.

A buried system of pipes which is called an earth loop is used to help pump the heated air from inside the earth into your home. In winter, the air is pumped through a compressor which brings the temperature up slightly to help keep your home warm and comfortable.

This system can work in reverse during the warmer months, taking the hot air from your home and distributing it back into the earth’s core.

Advantages of Geothermal Systems

There are many advantages to installing a geothermal system, including:

  • They are quieter due to the fact that there is no equipment outside.
  • They outlive traditional HVAC systems.
  • They will significantly reduce the cost of your energy bills.
  • They can work well as both a heating and cooling system.
  • You can install a geothermal system that can keep your home comfortable and heat your home’s water.
  • There may be local and federal incentives to help pay for the installation of a geothermal system.
  • The air coming from the earth is much more comfortable then air that has been run through a traditional heating unit.
What’s Seen as the Main Disadvantage of Geothermal Systems?

Many people will not consider a geothermal system due to initial installation costs. Whilst the cost to install a system like this is more expensive than a traditional HVAC system, the majority of homeowners will make back this money quickly.

This is due to the fact that they will be saving upwards of 70 percent on their energy costs. Local and federal rebates may also help reduce the cost of installation, bringing the cost into line with a traditional HVAC installation.

The cost savings of running a geothermal system and the fact that a geothermal system is extremely earth friendly can outweigh the initial installation cost.

Learn More About Geothermal Systems

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