November 2, 2019

Having a heating and cooling system installed in your home is a huge investment. It’s not a decision you make overnight, even if you have no choice in replacing your furnace, or air conditioner. You’ll likely take some time to compare systems for cost, and efficiency. Once you decide, you want to know you’ll be enjoying the comfort provided by your new system for many years to come.

Your home heating and cooling system is one of the more crucial appliances in your house. With the cold Baltimore winters and the hot Baltimore summers, you want a system that’s dependable and efficient. The newer models are both and provide you with energy savings like never before. With the proper maintenance, you can count on your new system to keep your family comfortable for many years to come.

Maintenance is the key to keeping your system running at peak performance. Whether you have major repairs done to your current HVAC system or have a brand new system installed, the professional HVAC installation team will likely offer a service agreement. But, you may be wondering if the service agreement is worth the extra investment? And, moreover, what exactly does it cover?

Benefits of Investing in an HVAC Service Plan

Any time you make a major purchase, be it vehicle, home appliance, or any number of costly items, you will typically be offered the opportunity to buy an extended warranty or service plan. The more costly the item, or its repairs, the more necessary it becomes to have the added assurance provided by such a plan. If your brand new washer stops working the day after the manufacturer’s warranty expires, you could be in for some very costly repairs.

The same is true of your heating and cooling system. Should you find yourself without heat on the coldest night on record in the Charm City, you may find it difficult to find a repairman to come and fix your furnace as soon as possible. However, if you have a service agreement, you will receive priority scheduling and repair discounts. You may even avoid the repairs altogether with the preventative maintenance that is included in most HVAC service plans.

As part of your service plan, you’ll be regarded as a priority customer. Your system will be maintained and you’ll receive annual tune-ups, ensuring your system is in tip-top shape, running efficiently, and not wasting your energy dollars. Once you’ve made your investment in a service agreement, you can rest easy knowing that any and all of your HVAC repair and maintenance needs will be taken care of, with little disruption.

Your service agreement typically provides for seasonal check-ups. A qualified technician will inspect your heating and cooling systems, pilot lights, and components, and, if included, replace your filters. At the time, if repairs are needed, you’re covered and in most cases, you’ve probably dodged a far more expensive bullet by having a seasonal inspection.

HVAC Maintenance Agreements in the Baltimore, MD Area

If you want to protect your heating and cooling system and keep it working at its best for a long time to come, invest in a service plan. Contact Air, Plumbing & Heating Solutions to inquire about available plans today. You’ll rest easier tonight.

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