Water Line Repair in Baltimore CountyWaterline repair can be a headache. That’s the reason many homeowners wait until they can no longer deny there’s a problem. Unfortunately, by then, what may have been a small water line repair problem has grown into a much bigger-and more costly-situation, threatening your landscaping, walkways, budget, and even your home’s foundation.

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Signs You May Have a Faulty Water Line

Instead of ignoring a water line issue in the hope that it will simply “disappear”, it’s best to try to catch your water line problem at the earliest possible time. By doing so, you’ll avoid the mess and drama, as well as cost, of a major repair.

Here are some typical early signs you may need water line repair:

  • A Noticeable Drop in Pressure – When your water line is leaking, you’ll notice a drop in pressure throughout your home. Your washer may fill more slowly, showering may be a frustration, and filling the pasta pot might take twice as long. Contact a professional to help you find out where your leak, or clog, maybe and take steps to repair that leak or clog immediately.
  • Noisy Pipes – Hissing, rumbling, clanging and pinging are all abnormal sounds for your water to be making. If this sound is coming from the point where the water comes into your home (you’ll hear it when you turn on the inside faucets) you should contact a plumber right away. typically, noisy pipes, coupled with a drop in pressure, can indicate a need for water line repair somewhere between the water meter and entry to your home.
  • Leaking Water – As mentioned before, if you notice a soggy area in your otherwise dry yard, you should call a professional immediately. This is a very obvious sign of a leak in your water line, but not necessarily at the site of the pooling. The good news is that the leak may be the responsibility of the city water department if it’s between the street and the water meter. However, the only way to determine the location of your leak is by calling on a professional to assess the situation.

When you suspect you have a leak and need water line repair, you can count on Air, Plumbing & Heating Solutions. Our certified plumbing technicians will inspect your water line, quote you a price, and perform the repairs. You can trust that the professionals at Air, Plumbing & Heating Solutions to resolve you leaking water line problem before it becomes a major issue. Our plumbing experts will have your repairs performed before any further damage is done to your property,

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