Sump Pump Installation in Baltimore CountyBaltimore County homeowners know the climate isn’t exactly dry in our area. Snow and ice in the winter and springtime showers give way to humid summertime weather. Your home’s basement or crawlspace may take on that musty odor-a sure sign of moisture build-up. Over time, the moisture build-up in your basement or crawlspace can threaten your home with mildew, or dangerous mold.

Many Maryland homes fall victim to flooded basements. Water can trickle into your basement or crawlspace from heavy rains or rapidly melting snow and ice. A flooded basement can be a catastrophe for any homeowner. Precious possessions suffer water damage, and anything you store in your basement can be lost to a flood. If your basement is finished and serves as a family recreation room, the damage can be even more costly.

Protect Your Home With Sump Pump Installation

To protect your home from water damage and flooding, many homeowners in the Baltimore County area install sump pumps. Sump pump installation in Baltimore County is commonplace and serves as protection against moisture build-up in your home. A properly functioning sump pump is the best peace of mind you can afford yourself in preventing the catastrophic damage caused by water accumulation in your basement or crawlspace.

A sump pump is a device installed in the lowest level of your basement or crawlspace. A basin, or pit, is put in place, and the pump is then housed in that basin. As water builds, typically in the lowest area of your home, the sump pump will turn on and remove it from your home. Sump pump installation in Baltimore County assists in keeping water out of your home, not only removing the threat of flooding but mildew and costly, hazardous mold.

Protect Your Home With Sump Pump Installation by contacting Air, Plumbing & Heating Solutions in MDAs sump pump installation in Baltimore County has been the norm for many decades, your pump may be outdated and not working to fully protect your home from the threat of water damage. Consider replacing your older pump if it’s the original, or if it’s the “dinosaur” of the industry, the pedestal pump. Technology has come a long way in sump pump design. The newer models are not only energy-efficient, but quieter, and more reliable. Many of the newer sump pumps have a back-up mode in the event of loss of electricity due to violent weather.

When you have a sump pump that’s working at its best, you know your basement, crawlspace, and home are protected. However, sump pumps can wear out over time and you may not realize the need for new sump pump installation in Baltimore County until it’s too late.

Signs of a Faulty Sump Pump

Grinding noises, clanging, thumping or anything unusual, could be indicative of a failing fan or motor. If you notice your sump pump is turning on and off more frequently or remains on for longer periods of time, you could need sump pump installation in Baltimore County. Standing water in your pump basin isn’t just a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Standing water can indicate a faulty sump pump.

It’s necessary to ensure your pump is fully operational at all times. Should you experience any of the signs of a faulty sump pump, or suspect your pump is outdated, count on Air Plumbing and Heating Solutions for sump pump installation in Baltimore County. The experts at Air Plumbing and Heating will inspect your current sump pump and let you know if it’s working correctly.

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