January 12, 2020

When many Randallstown, MD, residents heat their homes, they set their thermostats to a certain temperature. When the inside of the house falls below that temperature, the furnace will kick on and the system will distribute warm air. Upon reaching the desired temperature, the system will shut down again.

However, you can also set your thermostat to the “On” position so that the fan is always running whether or not the furnace is lit. The debate has long raged on whether or not running a heating system all the time is a good idea. Today, we’ll take a look at who might benefit from doing this, and when. If you ever need professional service for your furnace, Air, Plumbing & Heating Solutions has the skilled technicians to help.

Provide Even Heating for Your Two-Story Home

Two-story homes can be especially tough to heat in an even fashion. Because warm air naturally rises, the lower floors can be left feeling chilly. You don’t want to shut the vents upstairs either — that can negatively affect your system. When you run your heating system all the time, the fan will constantly circulate air, which helps erase the disparity in temperature from room to room and floor to floor. If you’re in a single-story home, this might not be a huge issue, and running your system all the time may not make much of a difference.

Let Your High-Efficiency Heating System Run

Many homeowners worry that running their systems all the time will rack up energy costs. However, modern, efficient heating systems don’t expend much energy to run. They’re designed to run all the time. This isn’t the case for all households, and some homeowners can face significant increases in their monthly energy bills.

Are You Striving For High-Quality Air?

If you are, then running your heating system all the time allows more air to pass through your air filter to remove dust, dirt, pet hair and other impurities. To achieve better air quality, though, you need to make sure you change out your filter every month or two.

Looking for Proven HVAC Professionals?

You can address your plumbing, heating and cooling needs with the knowledge and expertise on staff at Air, Plumbing & Heating Solutions in Randallstown, MD. Our licensed technicians specialize in air conditioners, furnaces, ductless systems, water heaters, sump pumps, wells and more.

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