November 3, 2019

Air conditioning systems have never been more energy-efficient, budget friendly, and technologically advanced than they are right now. The newest models of home cooling systems, in conjunction with the proper home insulation, can cut your previous energy consumption by as much as 50%. That’s an amazing savings in your summer power bills. And you can be relieved that your personal carbon footprint will be sizably smaller when you install a new, energy-efficient, and reliable home cooling system.

In order to operate optimally, however, your central ac unit must be properly sized. Many homeowners purchase and install home cooling systems which are not nearly large enough to accommodate their square footage, or so large that they don’t perform effectively, leaving the homeowner with higher power bills and an unpredictably uncomfortable home. When it comes to your AC unit, size does matter. Factors which help determine the correct size are:

  • Climate is one of the biggest determinates when sizing your home for the proper AC unit. It seems pretty obvious, however, your home comfort needs are far different from someone who lives in the desert southwest or extreme north. That being said, Baltimore can get pretty uncomfortable in the summer months. Our daily temperatures regularly hover near 90 degrees, and we stay muggy from April through mid-October some years. Even though Maryland is by no means tropical, the size of your system needs to be able to handle the “wet-blanket” climate we experience in the summertime.
  • Square Footage is just as important as climate when it comes to your air conditioning. As elementary as it seems, a 5 bedroom colonial home will need a different size AC unit than a 3 bedroom ranch. But, more than that, your usable square footage, ceiling heights, and structure type also play into the size of your air conditioner, and whether you may need dual heat and air. Air, Plumbing & Heating Solutions knows homes in Baltimore. Our AC professionals can correctly size and install your system for whole-house comfort.
  • Insulation works with your HVAC system to maintain your homes temperature and prevent inefficiency. Our certified AC technicians will assess your home’s insulation and R factor when determining the ideal type of system for your home.
  • How many windows and the size of those windows will make a difference in your comfort. Even the most insulated windows will let in sunlight, which can get pretty intense at the peak of our Baltimore summers. Air, Plumbing & Heating Solutions will consider the amount and placement of your windows when sizing your home for your most efficient AC unit.

If you’re contemplating a new air conditioning system for your home, or if your current central AC doesn’t seem to be all it’s supposed to be, speak with one of our home cooling experts. Air, Plumbing & Heating Solutions has been helping consumers in the greater Baltimore area for over three decades. As today’s uber-efficient AC units have evolved, we’ve grown to better serve our Maryland neighbors.

Our certified AC technicians will inspect your home, assess your specific areas of need, and assist you in choosing the very best home cooling system for your personal comfort, energy efficiency, and budget. Purchasing air conditioning for your home isn’t something you do every day. We understand the innermost workings of home cooling, and can recommend the best system for the job. Your satisfaction is key.

Air Conditioner Installation Services in Baltimore, MD

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