Plumbing Services in Baltimore, MD | Air, Plumbing & Heating SolutionsThe garbage disposal is an incredibly convenient feature, but it’s something that shouldn’t be ignored in terms of care and maintenance. Many people do not treat their garbage disposals properly, which can result in all kinds of issues. This, in turn, can not only result in the garbage disposal no longer operating efficiently or properly, but can also result in issues with other fixtures and plumbing units.

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Garbage Disposal Installation in Baltimore County, MD

Most new homes feature modern kitchens—stainless steel appliances, energy-efficient stovetops and ranges, and garbage disposals. However, most homes more than 20 years of age do not have a garbage disposal in their kitchen sink.

At Air, Plumbing & Heating Solutions, we’ll install a garbage disposal in your kitchen sink. We’ll handle the entire installation from start to finish—from turning off electrical power to removing and altering drain lines, you can trust us to install a garbage disposal in your sink.

Garbage Disposal Repairs in Baltimore County, MD

The following are a few of the potential problems that may require garbage disposal repair or, if serious, a new garbage disposal installation:

  • Garbage disposal clogs –
    If the sink is no longer draining as quickly as it once did, there’s a good chance it’s because the garbage disposal is clogged. Not only can a clogged disposal cause the sink to drain slowly, it can also cause dirty water to flow back into the sink. A garbage disposal repair service can help identify and fix a clogged garbage disposal.
  • Worn down garbage disposal blades –
    If the food items being put through the garbage disposal aren’t being shredded properly, then it could be because the blades are too dull. A garbage disposal repair service can inspect the blades and determine whether they need to be replaced.
  • Broken garbage disposal blades –
    If the blades break off completely, it will result in a rattling sound when the garbage disposal is turned on. A repair service will remove and replace the broken blades.
  • Garbage disposal leaks –
    If there is a leak, then a repair service will be able to identify where the leak is as well as determine the best course of action. Often, fixing a leak will be as simple as replacing the rubber gaskets or tightening the connecting joints; however, sometimes more complicated repairs are required.
Garbage Disposal Services in Baltimore, MD | Air, Plumbing & Heating Solutions

Sometimes, removing the garbage disposal and installing a new one is more cost-effective than repairing the current garbage disposal. A repair service will help determine whether this is the case.

Avoiding Garbage Disposal Problems

The following are a few tips to avoid the need for garbage disposal repairs or replacements:

  • Use cold water –
    When grinding food remains, use cold water. Avoid using hot water until the garbage disposal is turned off.
  • Don’t overload the garbage disposal –
    Instead of putting all food remains down the disposal at once, gradually feed it through the grinder instead to avoid clogs.
  • Don’t put grease, fat or fibrous waste down the disposal –
    These items can cause the drain lines to get clogged much easier.
  • Don’t put hard objects down the disposal –
    Hard objects can cause the blades to dull or break.

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