Energy Audit and Home Performance CheckYour Building Scientist views your home as ONE integrated high-performance system rather than simply looking at each specific part in isolation. Our whole house approach allows for your home to be optimized for comfort, efficiency, health and safety. Your Analyst will collect data from your home using the latest

in diagnostic testing equipment and energy modeling software. This customized process allows us to provide you with objectively derived data so you can make informed decisions on how to save money on your energy bill, make your house more comfortable as well as a safer, healthier place to live.

  • Home Performance w/Energy Star Audit (3-4 Hour average)
  • Diagnostic Testing: Blower Door, Thermal Imaging, Airflow, HVAC Performance, Combustion, CAZ Depressurization, EMFs
  • Detailed Data Collection
  • Utility Bill Analysis
  • Customized Energy Modeling
  • Comprehensive Energy Audit Report