November 3, 2019

Your home’s air conditioner has many different parts. These parts are important in helping the unit cool off the air, pumping it into your home, and keeping your home comfortable. The Freon in your air conditioner is a big part of cooling down the air and when Freon levels are low or the unit has a leak, your air conditioner won’t be able to produce cool air.

Can I Change the Freon in my System Myself?

The answer is yes. You can change the Freon in your system yourself and you will need a few tips to help you do this successfully. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Freon – You will need to match the right Freon for your AC system. Read your AC systems unit to find out the right type of Freon.
  • Compressor – You will need to locate the compressor. Once you have located the compressor make sure all parts are clean and working correctly.
  • Service Valve – Check your Freon kit for the service valve. This will be a large connector valve. This valve will need to be plugged into the compressor line. Your Freon kit should have instructions on how to do this.
  • Tap Valve – There should be a smaller connector, this is the tap valve. The tap valve will need to be plugged into the other compressor line.
  • Add Freon – Attach the Freon container to the two valves you just installed.
  • Charge the Freon – Turn on your AC system to its full extent, this will force the Freon into the system, recharging your air conditioning system. Once all the Freon is in your AC system, disconnect the valves you installed. Your system should now be installed.

Although it may seem easy, working out where the parts lie within your system can be tricky as can connecting the pieces. Calling an expert to recharge your Freon could save you time and money in order to make sure everything is done correctly.

Freon Charging & AC Repair in Baltimore, MD

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