Boiler Installation in Baltimore CountyYour boiler furnace is as dependable a heating system as you can get. Perceived as a “dinosaur” by many, a boiler system can last up to 30 years with regular maintenance. That’s a full decade longer than most standard gas and electric systems Boilers are one of the oldest types of heating systems in the Baltimore County area and remain popular throughout the country. As with standard gas and electric heating systems, energy efficiency is improving with technology in boilers as well. All in all, and dollar for dollar, a boiler heating system is efficient and long-lasting, making it a preferable choice for many homeowners.

Boiler systems are considered one of the cleanest ways to heat your home. Because they have fewer working parts, boilers are easy to repair. Allergens are minimal when you heat your home in this traditional way.

When the time comes for you to decide on a replacement for your current system-when the repairs start to become more frequent, your heating bills are through the roof, or your old system just can’t do the job-talk with Randallstown’s heating, cooling and plumbing experts. Air, Plumbing & Heating Solutions are your go-to folks when you’re considering a new boiler.

Professional Boiler Installation in Baltimore County

Because boilers are seemingly easier to work with-fewer moving parts, no complex electronics, some homeowners may see boiler installation as a possible DIY project. The handyman “weekend warrior” may seek to save a few bucks by attempting boiler installation himself. But, don’t be over-confident when it comes to your family’s safety. Any heating system, including-and especially-a boiler needs the correct amount of ventilation. Any mistake in the ventilation of your boiler could result in deadly consequences.

Boilers can also be combustible. Although considered a less complicated form of household heat, a boiler is no less combustible than other forms of heating. Improper boiler installation can result in a fire or carbon monoxide emergencies. Given their somewhat intricate system of pipes and water use, the potential for leaks, if installed incorrectly, is high. Boiler installation is best left to those certified technicians who have the experience and expertise to ensure that your boiler is installed correctly and safely.

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The boiler installation professionals at Air, Plumbing & Heating Solutions are experts in the field of all things HVAC and plumbing. Boilers are extremely efficient ways of providing heat for your home, and service costs are usually minimal, especially if your boiler is seasonally maintained.

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