If you are having issues with your air conditioner or are simply tired of rising cooling costs summer after summer, you may want to upgrade and replace your current AC unit. Air, Plumbing & Heating Solutions can help!

We offer air conditioning replacement in Randallstown, MD, and the surrounding Baltimore County metropolitan area. When you choose Air, Plumbing & Heating Solutions for your air conditioning replacement project, rest assured that you are choosing one of Randallstown’s top HVAC companies!

Signs You Need Air Conditioning Replacement in Baltimore County

There are several important things to keep an eye out for if you are unsure whether it is time to replace your air conditioner:

System age – Air conditioning systems will generally work at a high level for 10-15 years. If your air conditioning system is 10 years or older and is starting to give you reliability problems, it may be more cost-effective to replace than to repair.

Frequent repairs – If your air conditioner requires frequent repairs, it may be time to upgrade. Frequent repairs can be costly, and simply replacing the unit with a newer, more efficient unit will be cheaper—and more reliable—in the long term.

Loud or unusual noises – If your air conditioning system makes loud or unusual noises, this could signal a major issue that may make replacement a better and more cost-effective option.

Increasing energy costs – Over time, your air conditioning system will become less efficient, even if you have it properly maintained. With rising energy costs, the economics of air conditioning replacement are better than ever.

Humidity problems – If you have noticed an increase in humidity in your home, it is possible your air conditioner is to blame. Air conditioning systems are designed to remove the moisture from the air, but when they are not functioning properly, they may do so at an insufficient level. This commonly happens with aging air conditioning systems and is a good signal that air conditioning replacement is necessary.