August 2, 2020

AC repairs may never cross your mind when your system is running as expected. However, that could all change when you notice your home isn’t getting cold enough and your energy bills are skyrocketing. There are obvious signs of wear and tear, such as leaks, noises, and smells; however, there are times when there are no obvious signs. At Air, Plumbing & Heating Solutions in Randallstown, MD, we specialize in AC repairs, so if you have a concern, we can help. Here are some common AC repairs you may not know that you need.

Plugging Leaks

If you enjoy the output your AC provides during the warmer months of the year, you are encouraged to take care of your system. It is very easy to ignore the signs that a unit is no longer operating at 100%. One way to make your life a little easier is to schedule regular maintenance for the unit. This is a great way to prevent repairs that you do not know you need.

As soon as your AC begins to leak, the cause of the issue needs to be repaired. If it is leaking refrigerant, the unit may no longer be able to cool efficiently. Additionally, the leak is impacting the coils. When the leak has been going on for a while, the coils could be developing corrosion. There is always the possibility that the leak is going to get bigger.

Refrigerant is wonderful for achieving cooled-off indoor air, but it is harmful to the environment. So, it should never be allowed to spill.

Also, an AC operates at its most efficient capacity when the refrigerant level matches the manufacturer’s specifications. It should never be over- or undercharged. Therefore, if you notice a leak, give us a call so that we can repair it.

Fixing Buzzing Electrical Wires

An electrical issue for an AC system is not ideal. While you cannot see an electric problem, you can hear it. While the AC unit is operating, if you hear a buzzing sound, it is most likely the wiring, the load, or the breaker.

Electrical issues that are allowed to go on could cause worse problems. These instances could trip a circuit breaker, which is an inconvenience. Instead of waiting it out, let us take a look as soon as possible. If the issue is something simple, we will repair it. Addressing issues before they become problems is a great way to avoid more expensive repairs or total replacements.

Repositioning Faulty Sensors

When an AC’s sensors are no longer operating as intended by the manufacturer, there is a repair that you might not know you need. If the sensor is knocked out of place, the AC is likely to keep running or not operate as intended. This is simply because the sensor can no longer do its job correctly.

This is a necessary repair because if the sensor remains out of place, you basically have the equivalent of a broken cooling system.

Unclogging Drains

Your home’s cooling system utilizes fluids to do its job. It also produces one more, condensation. Yet, its drainage system must remain free of clogs. Central AC systems have a condensate line that goes from the indoor air handler to the outside of the house. The water that goes through the line is caught when your AC dehumidifies the air it treats. If that line clogs, the unit backs up.

A clogged drain line is not an obvious problem until it is too late. The clog could occur slowly over time. By the time it begins to flood, the clog will be more serious, making it a repair that you do not know you need.

When the condensation overflows, it could reach the rest of the unit’s hardware. Sitting fluids in the AC can also end up growing algae or mold, which pose indoor air quality issues. When the air is blown back into your home, that air will carry tiny bacteria spores and particles. If there are individuals who suffer from allergies or respiratory issues, they may be impacted.

Remember that this damage is also preventable. During regular maintenance, a technician will inspect the drain line.

Unfreezing Condenser Coils

Baltimore is a city that receives freezing temperatures in the winter. Those cold temperatures impact an AC unit if the condenser coils are located outside. If the coils freeze, the unit will not operate as intended.

The coils can be impacted during other times of the year, too. Common concerns are dirty air filters, blocked return air ducts, and low refrigerant. For the AC to work properly, the coils cannot be frozen. Since you cannot necessarily see the coils, this is a repair that you may not know that you need. Technicians, though, are trained to spot the signs, so you can rest assured that they will fix it for you.

Fixing a Compressor Fan

Every component of a cooling system is important. The parts work in tandem with each other. When they do that, the produce cold air and improve the comfort level in your home, even when it may be hot or muggy outside. The compressor fan is considered the heart of a cooling system. If it is broken, the rest of the unit cannot do its job.

When the compressor fan is broken, you will still be able to turn the unit on and off. You are also going to be able to hear the fans running. You will not, however, feel any cold air being produced. A broken fan is not necessarily a repair that you know you need. If you listen closely, you can spot it. A well-functioning compressor fan clicks when the unit has to begin producing cold air again. If it does not click, but the fans continue to turn, you have a problem on your hands.

A broken compressor fan is a serious problem. Usually, it has to be replaced. The best-case scenario is a repair, but you should prepare for the possibility of needing the part replaced.

This type of issue can be prevented via maintenance. Many times, a technician will catch parts that are looking worn. Sometimes, a simple cleaning may suffice. If the parts need to be repaired, our technicians will take care of it.

Re-Testing the Unit

Some repairs are necessary when an AC unit is not properly installed. Poor service is another cause. More often, a cooling system requires repairs because it has not been maintained regularly. This results in a unit that has to work harder due to clogs, excess dust, or parts that are no longer in their place. If you need a professional to test your unit, reach out to Air, Plumbing & Heating Solutions.

At Air, Plumbing & Heating Solutions, we handle HVAC repairs, installations and tune-ups for residents throughout Baltimore County. Additional services we offer are duct cleaning, furnace maintenance, and plumbing needs. Call us today to learn more.

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